Since its inception in April 1990, the mission of the Lafayette International Center has been to foster an increase in international commerce and tourism in the Lafayette area.

The Lafayette International Center (also known as Le Centre International de Lafayette or El Centro International de Lafayette) is the international division of Lafayette Consolidated Government. It is supported by an advisory board incorporated as a non-profit organization called the Lafayette International Center Foundation.

VISION: Our vision is for the Lafayette area to be the most globally engaged region in the USA.
MISSION: To facilitate global awareness and engagement in our community and region.
1-      Enhance Lafayette’s global reputation and vibrancy through more international opportunities for the Lafayette City-Parish government, business community and citizenry.
2-      Strengthen our community by promoting our culture and heritage.
3-      Increase global knowledge and international trade and talent opportunities.
Offer cost effective programs and events to educate businesses on import-export critical aspects : Export seminars, webinars, workshops and other public awareness activities.
Connect businesses with federal and state agencies’ international trade services.
Identify new markets and trade opportunities, provide one-on-one export counseling and export financing referrals, essentially in conjunction with the US Export Assistance Center of New Orleans
Organize incoming and outgoing trade missions and participate in trade shows
Pursue and enhance international education programs and related opportunities with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the South Louisiana Community College.
Attract and support international meetings and conventions and develop cultural tourism and eco-tourism in Acadiana.
Facilitate recruitment of international talent to improve our creative class in all sectors, including business and art.
Facilitate sister-city relations for Lafayette and other Acadiana towns.
Provide translation assistance and referrals.

The Lafayette International Center
735 Jefferson Street
Lafayette, LA 70501
Tel: 1-337-291-5474
Fax: 1-337-291-5480

e-mail: info@leCentre.org